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When you begin to make enquiries about purchasing a French Bulldog, you will find that there is a lot of variation between some breeders in regard to the price of a puppy.

In 2020, the most you should be paying for a standard coloured French Bulldog on the limited register (pet only) in Australia, is between $4000 - $6000.
Show and Breeding dog prices will vary amongst breeders and expect to pay more for non standard colours (blues, creams, lilacs, black and tan variants etc).

What you should get for money:-

A pup that has been micro chipped, wormed, and vaccinated.

Full DNA profile of both parents.

Veterinarian Health Check at 6 weeks.

Appropriate socialization.

Diet information.

Health information.

Breeder support for the life of the puppy.

Registration papers on either the limited or main register with a regualating NSW body.


DOGS NSW only except standard colours :-

Brindle, Fawn and Pied versions of both.


MDBA excepts all colours and variations:-

Brindle, Pied, Fawn, Blue, Cream, Chocolate,Tan, Merle and variations of all the these.


Due to the popularity of the Breed, it has been noted that several 'agents' have popped up on the Internet, and in particular Facebook.

Agents get a substantial fee for every puppy the sell on behalf of a breeder. They will market puppies any way possible, to make sure they get their commission. They will try and steer you away from Ethical Breeders, and in particular, those involved in showing and members of the French Bulldog Clubs of Australia.

Ethical and responsible Breeders will want to speak to you in person and will never sell their puppies through a third party.

We will answer emails or txt messages ASAP and we can be contacted by phone also. Good Breeders want to speak to the potential new owners of their babies and make sure that they are going to the right homes. So, even though this is the age of social media and digital technology, we like to speak with you during the buying process.

Official Certificate of Registration papers can only be issued by one controlling body in each state. These bodies are member bodies of the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council).


MDBA (Master Dog Breeder Association) Standard and Coloured Registering Body

Currently in 17 Countries

Be wary of SCAMSERS. There are a LOT of them out there, including some that have come from Gumtree and the Trading Post.

The most important part of advice you can take from all of this, is to be prepared to wait for a puppy from an ethical breeder. Most have waiting lists, and that is because they are breeding for themselves first, and with the aim to better the breed, with health, temperament and conformation of utmost importance.


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