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French Bulldogs are one of the most in demand dogs in the world.

But, you need to know some basic Frenchie information to discover what to expect from them, before you bring one home.

Frenchies are not satisfied unless they are the centre of attention. They are very funny little dogs, like to get into mischief and will give you plenty of laughs. They are not overly energetic but do love a walk. It must be remembered that Frenchies can overheat very quickly and this can cause death. They must not be exercised in hot weather and only slight exercise at any given time. They also have breathing problems of varying degrees and this can cause problems if exerted. They are not the best swimmers as they tire very quickly and can and have drowned.They but can be 'taught' to swim if wearing a live jacket.

Frenchies need no more exercise than playing around the home or back yard,they like to sleep a lot and their favourite past time is EATING!!!

They also FART a lot and SNORE very loudly, they love playing fetch but getting the throw toy back can be a battle.

If you want a companion who is funny, smart, naughty, and has to be the centre of your universe but who is totally adorable and loyal then you cant go past a Frenchie, with all their problems and bad habits they are not for everyone but once you live with a Frenchie you will never look back and one is NEVER enough!!!!


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